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The office of The Controller of Examinations is established in the month of September 2007, after the conferment of Autonomous status to the institution from the academic year 2007-08.

The Office of the Controller of Examinations is responsible for assessing continuous learning process of the students by maintaining best quality and standard in examination process and ensuring confidentiality. It is the duty of the office of the Controller of Examinations to arrange, prepare, schedule, conduct, publish and maintain records of Semester End Examinations (EA) of the students of all UG, PG and Ph.D. programmes.

The other responsibilities of the office are:

  • Collection of student bio data from the students.
  • Mapping Electives from the students for the current semester.
  • Conducting CA tests for the students of various UG/PG Programmes.
  • Preparation of exam schedule, Hall allocation and Seating Arrangements for Semester End Examinations (SA).
  • Collection of Question Papers from the Question setters, printing and disseminating for Semester end Assessment examinations.
  • Collecting Practical examination schedule from the departments.
  • Appointment of External Examiners for practical examinations.
  • Exam schedule preparation for Semester End Examinations.
  • Appointment of Squad and Chief Superintendent.
  • Appointment of Evaluators, Chief Examiners and Chairman for Valuation. Compilation of grades, and declaration results after approval by Result Passing Board (RPB).
  • Conduction of Malpractice meeting if any in the semester by Malpractice Committee.
  • Conduction of issuing photocopy and revaluation to the needy students.
  • Publishing revaluation results.
  • Printing of Statement of Grades, Consolidated Statement of Grades.
  • Recommends award of degree to the qualified candidates.
  • Issue of Duplicate Grade Sheet/ Certificate etc.,
  • In addition to the above, the COE’s office issues certified transcripts to students, verifies the genuineness of grade sheets / certificates issued by the Institute, and conducts Graduation Day at the end of academic year.
  • Presently, COE office is being administered by a Controller of Examination and assisted by two Deputy Controller examinations, four Assistant Controller examinations and with the help of qualified and experienced staff as a team.