• Counselling Code: 2601

Research and Development Initiatives

  • Faculty Awareness Programs to enrich them on various Program / Scheme Mandates of funding agencies of Government of India.
  • Development for Furtherancing the Pedagogical skills, Research Skills and Industry Institute partnership activities.
  • Augmenting programs towards developing Frugal products of social relevance of the region.
  • Continually upgrading the Skill Matrix of Faculty to meet the Consultancy requirements of the locality.
  • Collaborating and MoU’s with Industry for Faculty members, Corporate Training and Consultancy, Technology transfer & Impact Assessment.
  • Inducing “Innovations & Product Development Culture” amongst Learning Trajectories of Curriculum Frame work.
  • Developing the Facilities & Resources in the Institution to conduct Train The Trainer (T3) programs.

R & D Achievements

  • Recognized as Scientific & Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by DSIR, Government of India. (SIRO Recognition Letter)
  • ARIIA Rankings. (Recognition Letter)
  • Significant Increase in Sponsored Research Grants. (Increase of 7.52 Crore in preceding  5 Years)
  • Considerable increase in Patent Claims. (23 Patents during preceding 2 Years)
  • Significant development of Innovative Frugal products. (56 Product Developed in preceding 3 years)
  • Sizable increase in Igniting the Young Minds to be the beneficiaries of MSME Idea Hackathon and NIDHI PRAYAS schemes of Government of India. (56 Beneficiaries in preceding 3 years)
  • Establishment of PRAYASEE SHALA / FABRICATION LAB out of NIDHI PRAYAS scheme of Government of India. ( 1.00 Crore)
  • Establishment of Soil Structure Interaction Lab ( 1.28 Crore) out of Sponsored Grants from Ministry of Science & Technology, GoI.
  • Establishment of Laboratory out of sponsored Research Grants to augment Learning Innovations Approach (6 such Laboratories are established in preceding 3 years).

Major R & D Projects in Pipeline

  • Establishment of ‘Centre of Excellence’ on ‘Habitat Sustenance Practices’ with an outlay  of   148.52 Crores.
  • Establishment State-of-art IoT Laboratory ( 1.00 Crore)
  • Establishment of 32 channel Weather Station under SCADA Environment.

Financial Outlay of Sponsored Projects

No. of Ongoing Research Projects


Total: - Rs.60.00 Lakhs


No. of Completed Research Projects


Total: - Rs.2451.03 Lakhs