It has the collection of CDs and Floppy Disks around 4717 of all disciplines including sources like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, ISI codes etc. In addition, 529 Audio and Video Cassettes are available in the department libraries. It provides a number of Online Electronic Database like IEEE. This section also has well-equipped furniture and computers.


The web address and access through Remote Access (Internet) and also IP based Access (Intranet) Wireless access points are better for businesses because of its broad transmission range, high users access, and stronger signal sending and receiving capabilities. Wireless APs also have a better safety performance, which is essential for any business.

FREE E-JOURNALS and e-books

The free e- journals and e-books are accessible through the following websites

Free E-Journals

Open Educational Resources

  • Commonwealth of Learning
  • British Columbia Open Text Book Project
  • Rice University Open Stax:
  • e-Campus Ontario
  • Skills Commons
  • Libre Texts
  • Saylor Academy

Free E-Books

  • eBooks Lobby:
  • Free E-Books:
  • Shareware eBooks:
  • Free book:
  • Planet PDF:
  • Fiction wise - Free Books:
  • Virginia EBooks:
  • Many Books:
  • Easy Media Broadcast:
  • Web Source:
  • Web Books:


The INDIAN Access Management Federation (INFED) provides remote access to scholarly e-resources to our college in India under the e-shodhsindhu. It has adopted Shibboleth, standard-based open source software, for authenticating authorized users from our institute. Shibboleth offers a mechanism for users to access multiple resources within a federated single sign-on framework from anywhere, anytime. The goal of the INFED is to allow users to access internal and external resources seamlessly using a single, institutionally controlled identity.

Lex Instant reader and Scanner

Lex is for any visually impaired computer user, who wants near instant, easy and accurate access to printed documents. It has been specifically designed for the requirements of our students with a computer system.


Wireless encryption provides a high level of assurance that only authorized users can access the library data through WIFI facility