Welcome to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering *** Admission Open for the Academic Year 24-25 *** Accredited with NAAC "A" Grade in the 3rd Cycle***

Department of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


About Us

The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Established in the year 2023 has been explored to train students and conduct research in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. The department's highly qualified faculty members come from well-known Indian institutes. With the help of top-notch facilities, a cutting-edge curriculum, and extensive practical training provided via industry-connect programs, the department hopes to prepare its students to become leaders in AI and DS. Ensuring academic excellence in students through extensive exposure to research and employment possibilities is the department's mission. The ultimate objective is to provide our students with exceptional employment possibilities, exposure to industry, and scholarly brilliance.

The curriculum is carefully designed to meet the demands of business and society. Throughout their four years of undergraduate study, the students would acquire a thorough and wide awareness of the different subtleties of information technology. In addition to the curriculum, some programs and courses are designed to help students grasp a wider range of IT-related ideas. These programs and courses also aim to ignite students' creativity and independent thought concerning the field. Every step of this intellectual journey is strictly supervised by the faculty members for the students.

Best Practices

  1. The assessment of the teaching and learning process was enhanced by the use of outcome-based education (OBE) and rigorous learner-centric instruction.
  2. Lesson plans are created at the start of each semester and used as the foundation for classroom instruction.
  3. Monitoring learning outcomes continually is made easier by following the course plan and incorporating three assessment examinations.
  4. Computer-assisted Teaching with e-learning allows for timely completion of the syllabus, the use of virtual models for demonstration, and animations of concepts that are challenging to explain with a chalkboard and marker.
  5. Students are given assignments on current trends to master the newest methods and effectively comprehend theory.
  6. There are seminars and webinars with topics outside the syllabus as well as workshops with hands-on experience.
  7. During their semester, students are encouraged to participate in internships and in-plant training.
  8. To prepare them for placement, third and final-year students participate in personality development training programs.
  9. Exam guidance is provided for competitive tests, including GRE and GATE.
  10. Regular student mentorship, tracking of slow learners, and participation at parent meetings.
  11. Value-added courses, frequent guest lectures, and practitioner-invited talks are planned to provide increased exposure to contemporary issues and business procedures.

Salient Features

  • Innovative Pedagogies and Design-Based Learning.
  • Modern research facilities and infrastructure.
  • Personality Development and Skill Development.
  • Placements, internships, and promising career prospects.
  • AI Prototype Exhibition Held Every Year.
  • Infrastructure for Entrepreneurship, Incubation, and Innovation.
  • Delivering of courses with practical applications.
  • Semester-long design projects.
  • Faculty that is qualified and committed.
  • Large classrooms equipped with projectors.
  • Well-equipped labs featuring cutting-edge IT infrastructure library and seminar room with air conditioning.
  • 1000 Mbps internet leased line.