Welcome to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering *** Admission Open for the Academic Year 24-25 *** Accredited with NAAC "A" Grade in the 3rd Cycle***

Department of Biotechnology


  1. Graduates of B.Tech (Biotechnology) should provide engineering insight on Mathematical, Physical, Computational, Environmental, Bioengineering, Bioresource Utilization, Life Sciences and expose them to industrial environment.

  2. Graduates of B.Tech (Biotechnology) should be able to identify, analyse and to solve problems in the areas of Bioprocess Engineering, Bioenergy, Downstream Processing, Enzyme technology, Health & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, etc., and to understand the emerging precepts of project management and finance.

  3. Graduates of B.Tech (Biotechnology) should be able to acquire skills to become commercial biotechnology entrepreneurs, solve industrial problems, develop professional and ethical attitude, good communication skills and adapt to current trends by enaging in lifelong learning.


  1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals in the areas of biotechnology such as Bioprocess engineering, Genetic engineering, Enzyme technology, Bioinformatics, Downstream processing, etc.,

  2. An ability to identify and analyze complex biotechnology-oriented problems and to solve the problems by providing appropriate solutions.

  3. An ability to design a bio-based system, component to address the essential issues related to public health, environment and society.

  4. An ability to design, analyze and interpret biological data and draw conclusions using broad research based knowledge.

  5. An ability to make the appropriate selection and application of current/ modern engineering techniques/ tools in the area of biotechnology.

  6. An ability to inculcate awareness among the students about the impact of various biological issues related to society, ethics, health, culture and safety.

  7. An ability to understand and demonstrate the need for the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions for addressing the environmental issues in society.

  8. An ability to realize, commit and apply professional ethics by means of technology practice.

  9. An ability to inculcate the habit among students to function efficiently as individuals or in multidisciplinary teams.

  10. An ability to communicate effectively through verbal and written mode with technical audience.

  11. An ability to recognize the need for life- long learning for sustaining professional career.

  12. An ability to be competent in engineering management, finance principles and its application in multidisciplinary projects.


  1. To empower students to understand/interpret the fundamental concepts anf methodologies of biotechnology and to enhance skills in the areas of cellula, molecular and biochemical technologies.

  2. To understand and apply major qualitative, computational and business skills in various domains of biotechnology like Genetic Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Immunology, etc., and to excel in a variety of entry level positions in biotechnology industry.

  3. To develop ability/skills both in theoretical and practical knowledge to pursue higher studies to be an entrepreneur and to serve in different manufacturing facilities like food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare industry, etc.,