Welcome to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering *** Admission Open for the Academic Year 23-24 *** Accredited with NAAC "A" Grade in the 3rd Cycle***

Department of MCA


PE01: Applying Computing and Mathematical Skill to identify, analyze, design and develop a software application to meet the industry’s needs.

PE02: To Prepare graduates who will achieve peer recognition as an individual or in teamwork, and communication to possess innovative skills in the field of Global industries, research and upgrade their skills to become entrepreneurs.

PE03: Prepare Graduates who will contribute to society as broadly educated, expensive, ethical, and responsible citizens with proven expertise.


  1. Apply the knowledge of mathematics and computing fundamentals to various real life applications for any given requirement.
  2. Design and develop applications to analyze and solve all computer science related problems.
  3. Design applications for any desired needs with appropriate considerations for any specific need on societal and environmental aspects.
  4. Analyze and review literatures to invoke the research skills to design, interpret and make inferences from the resulting data.
  5. Integrate and apply efficiently the contemporary IT tools to all computer applications.
  6. Solve and work with a professional context pertaining to ethics, social, cultural and cyber regulations.
  7. Involve in perennial learning for a continued career development and progress as a computer professional.
  8. Function effectively both as a team leader and team member on multi- disciplinary projects to demonstrate computing and management skills.
  9. Communicate effectively and present technical information in oral and written reports.
  10. Utilize the computing knowledge efficiently in projects with concern for societal, environmental, and cultural aspects.
  11. Function competently as an individual and as a leader in multidisciplinary projects and create a path to be an entrepreneur.
  12. Create and design innovative methodologies to solve complex problems for the betterment of the society.


PSO-1: Programming Skills: Ability to understand, analyze and develop an application based on multidisciplinary tools, technology, and language to meet the industry’s requirements.

PEO-2: Professional Skills: Ability to enhance the student’s professional skills in terms of individual or teamwork related to IT industries.

PSO-3: Entrepreneurship: Ability to enhance their knowledge and create an innovative path to being an entrepreneur.