Welcome to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering *** Admission Open for the Academic Year 24-25 *** Accredited with NAAC "A" Grade in the 3rd Cycle***

Department of MCA


PE01:To apply Computing and Mathematical Skills to identify, analyze, design and develop a software applications to meet the industry’s needs.

PE02:To prepare graduates who will achieve peer recognition as an individual or in teamwork and communication to possess innovative skills in the field of Global industries, research and upgrade their skills to become entrepreneurs.

PE03:To prepare Graduates who will contribute to the society as broadly educated, ethical and responsible citizens with proven expertise.


PO1 (Foundation Knowledge): Apply knowledge of mathematics, programming logic and coding fundamentals for solution architecture and problem solving.

PO2 (Problem Analysis): Identify, review, formulate and analyse problems for primarily focussing on customer requirements using critical thinking frameworks.

PO3 (Development of Solutions): Design, develop and investigate problems with as an innovative approach for solutions incorporating ESG/SDG goals.

PO4 (Modern Tool Usage): Select, adapt and apply modern computational tools such as development of algorithms with an understanding of the limitations including human biases.

PO5 (Individual and Teamwork): Function and communicate effectively as an individual or a team leader in diverse and multidisciplinary groups. Use methodologies such as agile.

PO6 (Project Management and Finance): Use the principles of project management such as scheduling, work breakdown structure and be conversant with the principles of Finance for profitable project management.

PO7 (Ethics): Commit to professional ethics in managing software projects with financial aspects. Learn to use new technologies for cyber security and insulate customers from malware

PO8 (Life-long learning): Change management skills and the ability to learn, keep up with contemporary technologies and ways of working.


PSO-1: Programming Skills: Ability to understand, analyze and develop an application based on multidisciplinary tools, technology, and language to meet the industry’s requirements.

PSO-2: Professional Skills: Ability to enhance the student’s professional skills in terms of individual or teamwork related to IT industries.

PSO-3: Entrepreneurship: Ability to enhance their knowledge and create an innovative path to being an entrepreneur.