Welcome to Adhiyamaan College of Engineering *** Admission Open for the Academic Year 24-25 *** Accredited with NAAC "A" Grade in the 3rd Cycle***

Department of Mechanical Engineering


  1. Graduates of B.E. Mechanical Engineering should have a comprehensive background of mathematics, science, and basics of mechanical engineering to solve applications related mechanical engineering and multidisciplinary areas.

  2. Graduates of B.E. Mechanical Engineering need to develop expertise and acumen in core areas like design, thermal and manufacturing engineering to the satisfaction of employers and blossom into entrepreneurs, scientists and technocrats with ethical values.

  3. Mechanical Engineering program orients its graduates towards professional growth either through employment or higher studies or research and contemporary areas of socio-technological issues like energy crisis, pollution and industrial relations.


  1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to real world applications.

  2. An ability to identify, formulate, analyze and solve complex mechanical engineering problems.

  3. An ability to design mechanical engineering components, processes and create products or systems within economic, environmental, ethical and manufacturability constraints.

  4. An ability to visualize and work in the laboratory so as to interpret and analyze data to facilitate report.

  5. An ability to demonstrate skills to use modern engineering tools, various mechanical software and equipments to analyze problems.

  6. An ability to understand the professional responsibility to access societal, health, safety and legal issues in this technological world.

  7. An ability to perceive the impact of professional engineering solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate the knowledge needed for sustainable development.

  8. An ability to apprehend code of conduct and ethical responsibilities.

  9. An ability to work as an individual, as a member or a leader in diverse teams and in multi-disciplinary task.

  10. An ability to communicate effectively through verbal, written and graphical forms.

  11. An ability to develop confidence for self education and lifelong learning.

  12. An ability to understand engineering economics and management principles to handle projects effectively.


  1. An ability to solicit the knowledge of mathematics, science and mechanical fundamentals in the realm of Design, Production and Thermal fluid sciences to solve engineering problems utilizing sophisticated technology.

  2. II. An ability to clutch societal realization to promulgate the organization through entrepreneurship for the advanced technophile world.

  3. An ability to develop and implement new ideas on product design with the help of modern computer aided tools for ensuring best manufacturing practices.